Scaling Student Success

A California Partnership – California’s young people deserve an education that fully prepares them for a thriving future. Scaling Student Success partners with education leaders across the state to help ensure each and every California student develops the skills, capabilities, and competencies needed for lifelong success.

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Our Mission

To more holistically and equitably prepare young people in CA for future success in college, career, and civic life. We pursue our mission by working with school districts and communities to redefine success, prioritizing the skills and competencies each and every child needs to reach their potential.

A California Partnership

  • Building a Community of Practice among school districts dedicated to educating the whole child

  • Bringing together leading partners in practice, policy, and research

  • Pursuing a long-term strategy to scale and sustain impactful change

Who We Are

A partnership of mission-aligned and equity-focused organizations dedicated to establishing a whole-child vision of success for California students.

What We Do

Help CA communities operationalize their whole-child vision of success (often called a “Graduate Profile”), while pursuing policies that redefine student success statewide.

Why Graduate Profiles

A powerful tool with the potential to improve student outcomes and help all CA students build the competencies and skills needed for lifelong success.


Practice Partners

Data, Policy, and Research Partners

The Power of the Graduate Profile

Across California, dozens of communities have engaged local community members to collaboratively design a new vision of student success, often referred to as a “Graduate Profile”. Creating a Graduate Profile is a critical first step that lays a foundation for achieving improved outcomes for students. Specifically, doing so…

  • Offers a renewed vision and definition of the college and career-ready student
  • Serves as an impetus for shifting instructional practices and engaging students in deeper learning

  • Requires a shift in assessments that provide students authentic ways to demonstrate their knowledge and skills

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Transform education to bolster student success

Raise the aspirations of our education system and the expectations and capacity of local communities to prepare each and every young person for future success.

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Scaling Student Success is a project of Community Partners, a nonprofit charity exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. Checks should be made payable to: Community Partners for Scaling Student Success. Your donation is only tax deductible if made to Community Partners, our fiscal sponsor and the tax-exempt entity.